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The Village Church is a community of believers committed to being anchored in God’s word and led by the Spirit.

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Our Vision

We will be a place of refuge, inviting all to find the purpose, peace and joy God offers. We will do this by building an authentic community of Christ followers anchored in the Word and led by the Spirit.

Our Mission

Love God. Love Others. Make Disciples.

Our Core Values


Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples. It’s these three directives that center our culture. We are socio-economically diverse and this can be complicated. We battle this complexity with the simplicity of our message and mission.


Saying yes to Jesus is not the end but the beginning of a lifelong journey of discipleship. We will embrace people wherever they are on their spiritual journey, pointing them to Jesus as the source of an abundant life and calling them to commit their lives to following Him.


Never confuse our no-frills approach with complacency. We see the church as a moving and relevant entity in our community. We will seek out relationships with those outside the walls of our building sharing the good news of Jesus in word and deed.

Loving Community

Jesus said that the world would know his followers by the love they had for each other. We are a community learning how to love each other and those who are seeking a relationship with God.


Worship is much more than “group singing”; it is a lifestyle of expressing our love to God through our resources, actions, lifestyle, and work.

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What to Expect

Our Sunday mornings and gatherings throughout the week are casual and inviting. Our congregational make up is socio-economically diverse. The community around us has trailer parks, government housing, middle class neighborhoods and country clubs, and we reach them all by battling socio-economic complexities with simplicity. We have the goal of always being inviting but never impressive. It’s a no-frills approach to Loving God, Loving Others, and Making Disciples.

This commitment to simplicity gives us the ability and focus to be missional in our community. Through the work of The Village Church, Celebrate Recovery and Joshua’s Place, our facility stays active all week long as we reach out and minister to those struggling with broken relationships, hurts, habits, and hang ups, and poverty. This gives followers of Jesus real opportunities to touch the lives of those that are hurting and to fulfill the calling God has for them to be “salt and light.”

This depth of ministry has drawn together a tremendous group of humble, willing and gifted leaders and volunteers. We work hard at breaking down traditional church hierarchy by focusing on roles, not rank. Our leadership structure is there for support and accountability with the goal of getting everyone engaged in the mission God has for our church. It’s this environment that has fostered community with each other and deeper intimacy with Jesus.

Where & When

The Village Church meets every Sunday at the South Lebanon Community Center. You may have grown up in a traditional church setting, and the thought of going to church in a community building might seem a little weird. We understand—however, we encourage you to give us a shot and see what we’re all about.

South Lebanon Community Center
83 North Section Street
South Lebanon, OH 45065

Parking is next to the Broadway Street exit.

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Sunday Mornings

Bible Study

Bible study begins at 9:30 am


Our Sunday worship service begins at 11:00 am


Kids nursery–3rd grade check-ins begin at 10:45 am

The Block (4th–5th) and The Street (6th–12th) worship with the adults first


Celebrate Recovery meets every Wednesday and relies on God’s healing power through the 8 Recovery Principles and 12 Biblical Steps.

Fellowship Meal

We enjoy a fellowship meal together, beginning at 6:45 pm

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Celebrate Recovery service and support groups begin at 7:15 pm


Celebration Place for grades 1–5 (additional child care available)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you part of a denomination?

We are not part of a denomination and refer to ourselves as an interdenominational church. We don’t feel that denominations are intrinsically good or bad, just polarizing to many people who don’t know Jesus. Our elders and pastors have determined that our vision and mission will enable us to share the gospel, disciple believers, and take the good news of Jesus to the world.

What is your financial accountability to donors?

If you’re a first-time guest or a non-Christian, we don’t want your money, we’re just glad to have you with us. If you do feel led to give cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7) to The Village Church, you can do so with confidence. We have an elder board that oversees the financial operations of the church and we incorporate best practice standards when handling your contributions.

Still have questions?

We can help! We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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About Us - The Village Church (2024)
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